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Menstruation Matters provides free monthly donations to women who otherwise could not afford or access them. Most people we support are BAMER abuse victims living in women’s refuges across Sheffield. We also teach Girlguides about menstruation and period poverty, to break the taboo and enabling them to earn their End Period Poverty badges. We teach women (and men!) how to sew reusable pads to encourage plastic-free-periods and to help our local community be more sustainable and ecofriendly.

‘Period poverty’ is a significant public health concern for people who menstruate because reduced access to safe products and unsanitary menstrual care practices can lead to infections such as thrush and UTIs. Menstruation is a normal physiological process and menstrual products are essential not luxuries. Reduced access to these products can be due to financial reasons and is a form of social inequity. We know that the women we support are suffering mesntrual inequities because we conducted a research study, which found that 73% of them struggled to afford sanitary protection each month, 67% changed protection less often due to affordability issues and 62% used unconventional items in their places, leading to infections in 20% of these women. This is why Menstruation Matters exists.

There’s lots of ways to get involved with MM!

You could fundraise for us via sporting events or bake sales, you could have a period party and collect menstrual products, or maybe you just want to donate some funds you’ve raised. Whatever it is we are so grateful for your support! Please get in touch with us if you’d like to get involved in our cause.

Unfortunately applications for trustees and fundraising committee are currently closed but look out for our next AGM in 2022!

Click on the “Donate” link at the top of the page to donate via Paypal!

We also accept bank transfers (get in touch for our details) and our fundraising platform is via Golden Giving.

All donations go towards providing the women we support with free menstrual products. We’re really mindful of supporters generosity and endeavour to make sure that all donations go towards combating period poverty.

If your questions are not answered by our FAQs please contact us.